Capital KIDS Daycare & Pre-School is committed to enhancing the self-esteem of each child and is concerned about the individual child's growth in the areas of physical, creative, emotional, social, intellectual and faith development. The Preschool seeks to provide a nurturing environment, which supports parental involvement and enhances the value of each child's family experience.

The program progresses from the informal structure necessary for the very young child toward increasingly verbally directed experiences, alternating with periods of creative freedom as the child grows older and the attention span lengthens. All children will participate in a variety of developmentally appropriate activities planned by the teachers to reflect the school's philosophy.

Teachers work with the director handle discipline in a positive and preventative manner.  At the heart of our approach is a belief in the child's self-worth.  We support positive reinforcement, active listening, parent involvement and redirection of inappropriate behavior that might prove harmful to the child or to his peers.


Capital Kids Daycare & Preschool
1380 Whitehorse - Hamilton Sq. Road
Hamilton, NJ  08690-3712
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